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Persona: The Awakening is a system designed to run Persona (and with some modification other SMT) games. It takes inspiration from many sources, with the most obvious example being D&D 4E. Although the mechanics can be a little complicated, the system was designed for quick execution, and as such it is compatible with PbP format. The system provides a method for combat resolution, while leaving social and adventuring side to the player’s (and DM’s) imagination.

Combat is round-based. Every round each participant gets one standard action, two minor actions and two quick actions. Each skill has action type. Single target attacks require a standard action. Area attacks require standard+minor action. Swift attacks require minor+quick action. Most other skills require minor action or minor+quick action for area skills. Intercepting an attack requires minor action (unless you have Guardian trait, in which case it only takes a quick action).
At the start of every encounter each participant rolls initiative (2d10+AGI+TEC). Turn order is simply from highest to lowest. Once your turn comes you perform your actions and set triggers for remaining actions.

When performing an attack you make two rolls. First, you roll 1d100 to determine if you actually hit your target. This roll is used in a relatively simple formula (simple compared to persona 3/4 damage formula):


ATT-Attacker’s Attack value
HIT-Hit rate of the skill used
ACC-Accuracy Modifiers
DEF-Defender’s Defense value
EVA-Evasion Modifiers

Here’s a simple example:

Yukiko is using Agi on Cowardly Maya. Since Agi is an elemental skill she uses her elemental attack value (34). Being a standard single target attack Agi has an accuracy of 60. Yukiko gets + 20 because she is under the effect of Makakaja. Since Agi is elemental attack our Cowardly Maya uses Magical Defense value(16). Cowardly Maya is weak to Fire, granting -30 Evasion, which is partially negated by Samakaja effect ( +20). Finally, we have the dice roll. Our Yukiko was not very lucky, and she rolled a very high 78, and in this game you actually want to roll low. This gives us a final result of:

34(ATT) +60(HIT) +20(ACC) -16(DEF) -78(1d100) +10(EVA)=30
So, in spite of a bad roll our Yukiko managed to hit, because Cowardly Maya is pathetic. If it was a more powerful opponent with a higher defense and without a Fire weakness she wouldn’t have been so fortunate.

Dealing damage in Persona: The Awakening is similar to persona 3/4, just with a simpler formula. When dealing damage you roll 2d10 as a randomness factor. Calculated in %, you add 90 to this value and any other damage modifier (positive or negative) and multiply by base damage value.

Base*(90 +2d10 +POW -RES +MOD)%

POW-Attacker’s Power
RES-Defender’s Resistance
MOD-Damage modifiers

After making sure the attack hit, our Yukiko is calculating damage inflicted. Base damage for Agi is 20. Yukiko’s Elemental Power is 22. Cowardly Maya’s Elemental Resistance is 12. Yukiko also gets +20% damage from Makakaja, but this is negated by Cowardly Maya’s Samakaja. And, since Cowardly Maya is weak to Fire Yukiko gets a massive 50% boost. Our Yukiko gets 14 on 2d10 roll, leading us to:
20*(90 +14(2d10) +22(POW) -12(RES) +20(Makakaja) -20(Samakaja) +50(Fire weakness))%=32.8

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