Character Creation

Creating your character in Persona: The Awakening might seam complicated at first, but it can be finished in 3 simple steps.

First, you need to pick an Arcana. Your Arcana determines your traits, and those traits define what your character does best. Arcana list can be found here.

We will use Yukiko for our example, and we are picking Priestess Arcana. This gives us 3 traits.
Hidden Wisdom makes our Yukiko great user of Bless (-kaja) skills.
Master of Support makes our Yukiko specialize in covering an ally’s weakness.
Divine Grace grants 20% boost to any healing skill, making our Yukiko the best healer in the game.

Second step is assigning attributes. Your character starts at level 0 with 1 in every attribute and extra 25 points to distribute. No attribute can start above 10. Every time you gain a level you get +1 to 3 attributes of your choice. A list of what each attribute affects can be found here.

Since our Yukiko wants to use elemental skills, we want high Mentality. And we want to put some points in Luck and Agility to boost her defenses. We also want to put some points in Technique, since we want to actually hit the enemy. The only one we can leave low is Vigor. That will cut her Physical Defense and HP, but we will have Kanji to protect her from those. And we end up with:
Vigor 3
Mentality 10
Technique 5
Agility 6
Luck 6

Third step is to pick your innate skills. You get two offense and three supplement skills of your choice. When picking your offense skills you need to pick two skills of different type, unless the DM allows otherwise. All characters get single target skills except Nukers who get one area skill and one area or single target skill. There are no restrictions on supplement skills, except the ones that the DM sets. A list of expertise can be found here.

Our Yukiko has Fire affinity, so we will give her Agi skills from start. And since our Yukiko is not going to be using any physical attack we’re going to pick Mudo as our second offense skill.
For our supplement skills we are going to start with Dia. And we will add Samakaja and Fire Wall to make use of her Master of Support trait.

Now we just need to note 2 resistances based on her offense skills (Fire/Dark) and pick two weaknesses (Water/Ice) and do a lot of calculations and our Yukiko is ready for action.

Character Creation

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